god bless this hot mess.

St. Louis.. Proudly a wife, step momma, retired neurology nurse, entrepreneur, mentor, and educator!


I love  adventures, mermaids, Mexican food, and traveling. I have a passion for inspiring others, leadership, self-love, and mindfulness.


My happiest days are spent loving on my family, lifting up others around me, drinking coffee, jeep rides with my husband, adding items to cart on amazon and not wearing any pants. 

Im extremely excited to share my RN to WorkFromHome journey with you, along with helping you grow your mind, enhance your knowledge on social media marketing, and helping you step into the healthiest version of yourself! your sitting here on my page for a REASON. Keep reading. It gets better I promise. 

I met Dalton my husband in August 2015. I always told him "im going to be a traveling nurse this just can't get too serious.." I spent the majority of that year fighting my feelings for him, I was drowning in nursing classes, straying away from doing things that I loved, gaining weight, and self diagnosing myself with full blown anxiety. I drained my savings account, was working 3 jobs, and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life. I felt as if I was running so fast yet everything around me was at a standstill. Have you ever just felt exhausted & lost?

It was the summer before my last semester of nursing school July 10th. I got what seemed like a ridiculously spammy message from a girl I met in 6th grade, something along the line of "Hey girlhave you ever considered making extra money from social media?" 

Long story short. I called her. I joined 30 minutes later. I had no idea what this company was or if these products even worked. All I knew was that if I was ever going to escape this self destructive loop hole I dug myself I knew I had to DO MORE and do something DIFFERENT.

If this thing didn't work my life stayed the same- but man if this thing did work....

Two months into my business I lost 25 lbs, was beaming with energy, overlly happy about everything. I was making an extra $500 a month. 

Come December I graduate with my BSN. Still working my 2 jobs plus running his side hustle. My plan was to keep working this with my full time RN position (BC STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS DUH) 

Does anyones plan ever really go as planned?

I failed my NCLEX state board not once but twice. AKA I could not start working as a nurse til that puppy was passed.

I was devastated, embarrassed, and slightly panicking..

This business picked me up off the floor (mentally, physically, financially) I decided I am not going to let this test define my success. I had this opportunity in my hands for a reason. I matched what would've been my nursing salary 2 months later.. God I see you

when I finally passed my test....



I ended up working full time on a neurology unit at Barnes jewish hospital in St. Louis. I learned so much and work with some of the top brain surgeons in the United States. However, I got extremely burnt out. 

Low pay.



Small raises.



Tired body.

Drained mind.

I decided the month I hit the second highest rank averaging $20,000/mo it was time to retire. Not only myself but my husband from his job that he wasn't passionate about or fulfilled working. 

We paid off debt, saved, invested, and most importantly started working at living. Freedom of time is everything to us.


 gods plan is much greater than anyone we can construct on our own. My passion is helping people find themselves and coaching them to be the best version of who they were meant to be. you are so very capable of more sis.